5000 Series SuperSpray® Bleeder Spray Guns

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Apollo’s SuperSpray® 5000 & 5500 series bleeder spray guns feature all stainless fluid passages including the springs and trigger making them fully compatible with modern water-based coatings.

Bleeder spray guns are designed so that the air is constantly blowing through the spray gun and out the air cap as long as the turbine is running.  These are the traditional form of spray gun that has been used with HVLP turbine systems since their inception in the 1960’s.

All 5000 and 5500 series SuperSpray® guns are handcrafted in the USA and built at our factory in Vista California. These spray guns have stood the test of time as a rugged, but precise spraying tool.  This is a super simple spray gun to use. It has a “clickable” air cap in the front of the spray gun to easily change between 3 different fan patterns.

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