About Apollo SprayeRs

Apollo Sprayers International, Inc. was founded with a singular mission,  to provide the perfect finish. Since 1966 we have led the field in highly innovative Low Overspray HVLP products for our industrial, woodworking, marine, aviation, automotive and sunless spray tanning. Today, our state-of-the-art factory in Vista, CA. (USA) manufactures expertly engineered HVLP products using the latest techniques and sophisticated HVLP technology. Apollo President and CEO, John A. Darroch, succeeded his father in this family owned and operated business and now his son Johnathan has joined the company. Many team members have been with Apollo for 20+ years which leads to exceptional customer relationships, in-depth product knowledge and stability our customers benefit from.

Apollo Sprayers High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) have revolutionized spray finishing with many key benefits. A major reduction in overspray yields measurable savings on coatings and a safer work environment. Exceptional spray precision makes the whole job easier, and the results are flawless. As an HVLP pioneer, Apollo Sprayers products revolutionized spray finishing and created opportunities that were previously impractical or impossible.

ApolloSpray Turbo Spray Systems are designed to meet or exceed the toughest air quality standards in the world. For instance, California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) conducted independent laboratory tests on Apollo Sprayers equipment back in the early 1980’s. When the results were  in, Apollo HVLP technology exceeded all the established SCAQMD standards with a certified 80%  to 90% transfer efficiency, meaning, the finishing materials landed on the target surface. This equates to   a 40% – 50% savings on coating material consumption and less damage to our environment.

Apollo Sprayers HVLP products are used for a multitude of uses, including industrial and commercial finishing applications, UV sunless tanning, automotive collision repair and custom color application, as well as quality-oriented home workshops with new uses being researched and developed all the time. Our on-going commitment to research and development ensures that all Apollo Sprayers products provide the newest, most efficient, and easiest-to-use HVLP technology.

Apollo Sprayers has been developing these systems since 1966 with a focus on reduced overspray, while maintaining high level of finish quality.  These systems don’t compromise your operation, they enhance it.  We’ve been attending AWFS and IWF for over 30 years and have grown our brand during that time.  Check us out at the next AWFS or IWF show.

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