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Apollo Model 5500 Deluxe Bleeder Turbine Spray Gun



Apollo 5500 Seeries Deluxe Bleeder Turbine Production SuperSpray® Gun


Apollo 5500 Superspray® Series bleeder spray guns are a very popular choice among top woodworkers and contractors for a number of good reasons.  The rugged durable design has proven itself again and again – that's why this series has been in continuous production for over 15 years.

Apollo 5500 gun series are ergononmically designed for user comfort and deliver perfectly atomized finishes every time. Apollo Model 5506 is completely reliable and offers easy breakdown and maintenance with no o-rings and all stainless steel fluid parts.  Connect this spray gun to any number of different bottom cup sizes or directly to a pressure pot.

Enjoy low overspray and a flawless finish.

The Apollo 5500 Includes:

  • All wetted fluid parts machined from marine grade stainless steel
  • NO "O" rings
  • Bronze plated head and handle
  • Enhanced spares kit - wrench and lube included
  • 2-year written warranty


Gun Type: Turbine Only


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