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Education is the key to success!

Here at Apollo Sprayers educating our customers is job one! We know that educated customers make educated decisions, that’s why we are here to help youget the best out of whatever it is you are trying to spray finish. It doesn’t matter if it’s woodworking, automobiles, boats or planes, we have experience spraying them all.

Lido restoration-11
Spray your Boat

Apollo Paint Sprayer for Aircraft refinishing
Spray your Airplane

Apollo Paint Sprayer for Automotive refinishing
Spray your Car

Apollo Paint Sprayer for Kitchen Cabinet refinishing
Spray your Kitchen Woodworking

Apollo Paint Sprayer for Tub and Shower refinishing
Spray your Bathtub

Apollo Paint Sprayer for Wrought Iron refinishing
Spray your Wrought Iron
Palomar College Finishing Class
Palomar College, San Marcos, CA


Are you an instructor at a college or university? Apollo would love to work with you to educate your students about HVLP Turbo SprayFinishing. We also have special programs in place to help you make equipment purchases for your classroom. We also offer Scholarship and Sponsorship Opportunities. Contact us today to find out how we can help you or your school benefit from these programs.


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