Apollo Sprayers Filter Stand

by | Nov 30, 2022 | Expert's Corner, Uncategorized

The Apollo Sprayers Filter Stand is an extremely handy and simple device that will save you hours of clean up and keep your workbench clean and free from spills whenever you need to fill your spray gun cup. The Apollo Sprayers Filter Stand makes filling your spray gun as precise as using the gun itself. This handy device allows you to place a filter cone into the filter holder, place a 1 quart or a 2-quart coating container underneath the filter cone and easily pour your favorite coating through the filter cone. The cone traps any unwanted lumps of pigment or resins. It not only prevents wasted hours of clean up from spills but filtering your material before filling your containers ensures that nothing will ever clog your favorite spray gun again.
When you are done using your filter stand, break it down and store it in a drawer.  Unlike stands that perform the same task the Apollo Sprayers filter stand does not take up a large space to store it.
      • Apollo FS1670 Filter Stand accommodates 1- and   2-qt. material cups.
      • Constructed of heavy-duty steel and easy to assemble.
      • Prevent spills that occur while filling your containers
      • Filter your coating to prevent your spray gun from clogging!
      • Cone filters NOT included.

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