Revolutionizing Cabinet Refinishing: Apollo Sprayers PRECISION-6 PRO HVLP Spray System for the Ultimate Finishing Upgrade!

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In the dynamic world of cabinet refinishing, where precision and efficiency are paramount, Apollo Sprayers introduces a game-changing innovation: the PRECISION-6 PRO HVLP Spray System. This cutting-edge technology is designed to elevate your cabinet refinishing business to new heights, offering enhanced power and exclusive features that put you in control of the most advanced TrueHVLP™ system.

Mastering Precision with TrueHVLP™ Technology

At the core of the PRECISION-6 PRO is TrueHVLP™ technology, redefining the standards for precision in HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) systems. This technology ensures that industries and applications demanding the utmost precision in HVLP technology find their match in the PRECISION-6 PRO. Whether you are working with solvent or water-based coatings, clear or pigmented finishes, or even specialized materials such as faux paints, gelcoat, latex (emulsion), and multi-spec, this system is engineered to deliver the perfect finish. The PRECISION-6 PRO works exceptionally with unreduced Italian Waterborne coatings getting them to lay out with the perfect finish!

Unleashing Unprecedented Power and Efficiency

One of the standout features of the PRECISION-6 PRO is its powerful 6-stage motor, offering unparalleled efficiency and versatility. Capable of handling a wide range of coatings, this HVLP spray system is not limited by the type of material with its 11.5PSI of sealed pressure. From traditional clear coats to specialized Italian waterborne coatings, the PRECISION-6 PRO is a versatile tool for the modern cabinet refinishing professionals and contractors.

The Precision Pressure Control System (PCS™) takes control to the next level. It manages motor speed, voltage, and amperage, adjusting automatically for altitude and barometric pressure. This ensures precise atomizing pressure anywhere, giving you the confidence to achieve consistent and flawless results on every project no matter the location.

LCD Message Center: A Comprehensive Overview

Keeping you informed and in control, the LCD Message Center on the PRECISION-6 PRO provides a wealth of information at your fingertips. The hour meter allows you to track usage for maintenance planning, while the accurate pressure reading to 1/10th PSI ensures you maintain optimal atomization pressure throughout the entire cabinet painting project. The system also alerts you to idling, filter status, and temperature warnings, empowering you to preemptively address any issues that may impact your work.

PowerPause™ for Longevity and Reliability

Innovation meets practicality with the patented PowerPause™ feature. This 60-second auto-idle mode not only preserves motor life but also enhances long-term reliability. This intelligent pause in operation allows for the highest available flow pressure when you need it, while extending the lifespan of your investment.

QuadraClean™ for Enhanced Air Filtration

To ensure the system runs cooler and the motor has a prolonged life, the PRECISION-6 PRO incorporates the QuadraClean™ feature. Dual automotive filters provide advanced air filtration, maintaining the integrity of the system and contributing to its overall efficiency.

Apollo-Flex™ Hose: A Flexible Approach

The 32-foot (9.75-meter) Apollo-Flex™ Hose included with the system is a testament to Apollo Sprayers’ commitment to convenience and functionality. Equipped with quick, lightweight alloy couplers on both ends and an exclusive Ultra-Flex™ whip hose at the spray gun end, this hose ensures ease of use without compromising on performance. The hose is ultra-light weight to reduce fatigue during operation.

Handi-Hold™ Spray Gun Docking Station

Efficiency doesn’t stop at the spray gun. The Handi-Hold™ Spray Gun Docking Station allows you to store, hold, or transport your spray gun and other accessories safely. This thoughtful addition not only protects your equipment but also streamlines your workflow, ensuring that your tools are always within reach.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Craft with PRECISION-6 PRO

In conclusion, the Apollo Sprayers PRECISION-6 PRO HVLP Spray System is a game-changer for cabinet refinishing professionals. With its advanced features, unparalleled power, and TrueHVLP™ technology, it puts you in control of achieving the perfect finish every time. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional HVLP systems and embrace the future of precision and efficiency in cabinet refinishing with the PRECISION-6 PRO. Upgrade your business, elevate your craft, and make every project a masterpiece with Apollo Sprayers.

Check out some videos featuring the PRECISION-6 PRO

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