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LUMAIII SunPro Light with AtomiZer Spray Gun Mounting Attachment



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The SunPro Spray Gun Light for AtomiZer A7700 and 7500 Spray Guns– a compact daylight solution built for enhanced spray application. With a true 98 CRI rating, 5000 Kelvin color temperature, 3300 Lumens average, and 12-hour max continuous runtime, this tool ensures optimal visibility.

The spray gun light offers even, soft flood illumination for precise color matching and efficient spray application. It features 3 push-button illumination settings – High, Medium, and Low – allowing professionals to adjust intensity as needed.

The SunPro excels as a color-match light and spray gun attachment tool, setting new industry standards in both areas.

Crafted from aerospace-grade materials, the SunPro's sealed system resists chemicals for durability. The embedded sapphire glass lens simplifies cleanup.

Elevate your spray paint gun applications and color-matching with the SunPro Spray Gun Light attachment – your ultimate companion for professional results.

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