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PRECISION-5 / 4550 Turbospray

PRECISION-5 / 4550 Turbospray

Take the outstanding features of Apollo Sprayers HVLP Turbospray system PRECISION-5 mounted on Apollo Sprayers 4550 mobile cart fluid feed system and you have 2.5 gallons (20 liters) of POWER + PRECISION + PURE PRODUCTION. Excellent in the shop or on site. Perfect for larger jobs when a quart (litre) or 2 qt (2 liter) is just not enough or when greater spray gun mobility is needed to get into tight corners. This system works very well with our 7700 AtomiZer series spray guns.

Apollo Precision 5 Elite Fine Finish Series Review

Notes: *This unit is equipped with an internal air relief valve to accommodate a non-bleed style turbine spray gun. As a result the actual flow pressure may vary from the sealed pressure quoted.

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