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How does an HVLP spray gun work?

POWER-5 VS Award Winner

The Award-Winning Apollo Sprayers POWER-5 VS True HVLP™ Turbo Paint Spray System

We are excited to announce that Apollo Sprayers has won the Visionary New Product Award for Product Innovation in the Power Tool category in the Woodworking Industry at the AWFS Fair. The Visionary New Product Awards promote the development of innovative new technology in woodworking machinery, supplies, and services for the furniture, kitchen cabinets, architectural […]

How to Repair Dents and Gouges

Dents and gouges are both flaws in the wood. But they are not the same thing, so they should be repaired differently. Dents are compressed wood. The wood fibers are still intact, just pressed down or indented. Gouges are also indentations, but the wood fibers have been torn and usually some of the wood has […]

Apollo Sprayers Is the Best HVLP, Buyer Beware of Copies

For over 50 years Apollo Sprayers International, Inc. has been recognized as the HVLP innovator, producer and manufacturer worldwide of TrueHVLP™ spray guns and TrueHVLP™ Turbo Spray Systems. Throughout our history Apollo Sprayers has introduced many “HVLP firsts” and proudly accepted multiple awards for our creativity and originality in HVLP technology and spray equipment. In […]

A Basic Understanding of Apollo Sprayers HVLP Spray Finishing Systems

Apollo Sprayers HVLP systems are complete spray finishing systems consisting of three components. There is no air compressor involved or needed with an Apollo Sprayer HVLP spray finishing system. This is an independent standalone system. The motors used in Apollo Sprayers HVLP turbo spray finishing systems come in different sizes and power/pressure output. Smaller, lower […]