Why an Apollo Sprayers HVLP is the Correct Finishing System

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Spray painting has many advantages over brushing and rolling including the finished result, the amount of surface coverage, and the speed at which a project can be finished. When choosing a spray system you need to understand how the system works and whether it suits what you want to do.

High volume low pressure (HVLP) differs from conventional spraying by using a turbine to supply the air, the spray gun itself requires a lower pressure (LP). A higher volume (HV) of air is used to propel the finish at this lower air pressure, vastly reducing over-spray and increasing the amount of finish applied. The turbine produces warm, dry, and clean air resulting in no moisture problems.

Other methods of finishing

One of the three main methods of spray finishing (along with conventional and airless), high-volume, low-pressure spray guns have a wide variety of benefits for both the individual customer and the industrial or commercial sector.

Why Apollo Sprayers HVLP?

In addition to the reduced overspray and smoother finish, HVLP guns eliminate moisture problems associated with other spraying systems (thanks to the warm, dry air produced by the turbines) and result in faster finishing and less overall waste.

You can use an HVLP gun for any spray finishing job you like, but they’re mostly used for wood and furniture finishing, interior finishing lines, and auto refinishing. HVLP systems also have applications in the beauty industry (primarily sunless tanning) and industrial and commercial finishing.

HVLP systems are ‘rated’ by their number of fans (single-stage, two-stage, three-stage, etc.) The higher the stage, the higher the volume and pressure. In addition to being smaller and more portable than conversion systems, turbine HVLPs offer far greater efficiency.

Dedicated HVLPs are small, compact, and portable, and the nature of the high-volume, low-pressure system means that the guns require less material for any given job, improving your efficiency and saving you money over time.

For the eco-minded among us, it’s important to note that HVLP systems impart far less air pollution than other types of spray guns.

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