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Which Apollo Sprayers HVLP System Will Work Best for Me?

There are two questions you need to ask when selecting the right system for your needs:

  1. Ask yourself how often you will be using the system. Are you using it more or less than 10 hours per week.
  2. What coatings or finishes do you intend to use with your Apollo Sprayers HVLP Turbo spray system?

If your coating choice is limited to very thin or low viscosity finishes and nothing more, then a lower powered system will probably satisfy your needs. If you are doing this infrequently (less than 10 hours per week), then you should look at an ECO-3 or ECO-4.  If you are spraying more often, then you should consider a POWER-3 VS or a POWER-4 VS.

If you are spraying pigmented coatings or other coatings that need to be applied at higher viscosities, harder to atomize coatings, or coatings that limit how much you can thin or lower viscosity, then a higher output turbine like the ECO-5 (for limited use) or the POWER-5 VS or PRECISION-5 PRO and PRO LE (for professional use) are necessary to produce the desired results.

Most important, trying to apply a coating at a recommended viscosity with an underpowered turbine for that product will simply produce frustration and disappointing results. It boils down to “the right tool for the right job.”  It’s always better to have too much power than not enough.

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