What can I spray with my Apollo Sprayers HVLP turbine sprayer?

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Expert's Corner | 0 comments

A frequently posed inquiry pertains to the versatile applications of Apollo Sprayers HVLP turbine spray systems. Among our primarily woodworking-oriented audience, a common query is, “What other substances can be effectively sprayed using the HVLP turbine sprayer from Apollo Sprayers?”

Apollo Sprayers has been a stalwart presence in the woodworking realm, catering to a diverse audience ranging from seasoned craftsmen to enthusiastic DIYers, as well as various professional woodworking applications. Not widely known is the fact that Apollo Sprayers HVLP turbines demonstrate exceptional efficacy in spraying an extensive array of fluids and coatings.

The influence of Apollo Sprayers extends beyond woodworking, encompassing sectors such as marine, aviation, and automotive industries. The applications span from farm vehicles and machinery to diverse equipment, including ceramic and leather restoration. The versatility of Apollo Sprayers HVLP systems transcends boundaries, finding utility in various applications within each major industry.

Remarkably, even automotive painting is well within the capabilities of Apollo Sprayers HVLP systems. In fact, utilizing the Apollo Sprayers HVLP system resulted in a flawless finish, accompanied by a noteworthy 38% reduction in coating consumption. This achievement adds to the myriad advantages of the turbine system, such as the continuous provision of uncontaminated, dry, and moisture-free air.

We are eager to learn about your distinctive use of the Apollo Sprayers HVLP turbine spray system. Whether you are engaged in unconventional tasks like spraying cakes or you serve as a UV Sunless technician applying coatings to bodies, we invite you to share your experiences with your Apollo Spray system.

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