The Award-Winning Apollo Sprayers POWER-5 VS HVLP Paint Sprayer

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Expert's Corner | 0 comments

We are excited to announce that Apollo Sprayers has won the Visionary New Product Award for Product Innovation in the Power Tool category in the Woodworking Industry at the AWFS Fair. The Visionary New Product Awards promote the development of innovative new technology in woodworking machinery, supplies, and services for the furniture, kitchen cabinets, architectural woodwork, store fixture, upholstery, or specialty and general wood product industries. They are evaluated on quality, production impact, practicality, innovation and user-friendliness.

POWER-5 VS Award WinnerIf you have a tough project to complete, you need a machine with some serious power. Welcome to the Apollo Sprayers POWER-5 VS.

This unit produces 9.5 PSI of sealed air pressure from its 5-stage motor. Whether spraying an entire kitchen or a car — it has the strength to cope. With 130 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air the POWER-5 VS provides the most rapid application in the POWER series lineup.

The POWER-5 VS works as well with latex and chalk-based paints as it does with clears and pigments. Offering a tailorable output from 1 to 9.5 PSI. You can adjust the pressure to perfectly suit your current medium to provide the optimum finish and reducing overspray and waste.

The POWER-5 comes with Apollo’s 7700 AtomiZer spray gun, which gives the user the ability to choose between a bottom or top fed cup assembly without the need for an additional spray gun.

Quadra-Clean™ air filters combined with a mighty 26 ventilation louvers increase efficiency and prolong the turbine life. Furthermore, four anti-vibration pads reduce noise while limiting internal movement again elevating the longevity of the POWER-5 VS.

A 29-foot Ultra-Flex™ whip hose offers impressive operational freedom, reducing the requirement to frequently relocate the sprayer on larger projects. Additionally, with an anti-kink design, air flow should be consistent for the perfect finish.

Check out the POWER-5 VS system at your local distributor.

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