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Stepping Up to Spray Finishing

The vast majority of hobbyist woodworkers, and quite a few professional woodworkers – who might only complete a project or two a month – do their finishing by hand. However, as you begin to undertake more projects, or you move to making larger pieces, it’s natural to start thinking about spray finishing.

There are at least three good reasons for considering a switch to spray finishing. First, it’s surprisingly easy to achieve a near perfect finish with spraying. With practice, you’ll be able to apply the finish more evenly and uniformly in a lot less time than you would by hand. Second, because a spray finish goes on thinner than a brushed finish, it dries faster. Dust doesn’t have as much time to contaminate the surface, and you can apply any follow-up coats that much sooner. Third, because spray finishes are fast and easy to apply, you can spend more time building projects rather than finishing them.

By reducing overspray and bounce back an HVLP Paint Sprayer puts paint exactly where you want it: on the project you are focused on.

You’ll spend less money on paint than you would normally. HVLP will use less material because more will be covering the intended surface.

The worst part about spraying with HVLP? You’re going to love it.

You’re going to want to paint everything with it! If you don’t hold yourself back you may find you want to paint everything inside and outside your home.

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