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3M Paint Preparation System 2.0 Type H/O Mini Cup Assembly, #S18 Adapter, 6.8oz Lid & Liner



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3M Paint Preparation System Type H/O Mini-Cup w/ #S18 Collar, 6.8oz Lid and Liner


"3M Paint Preparation System™"

An economical and innovative system for mixing and spraying finishing and coating materials with your pressure-fed spray gun.

  • Only one PPS™ cup for mixing and spraying
  • Enables painters to mix less paint
  • Up to 70% savings of cleaning solvent
  • Closed system - no outside contamination
  • Faster system - from mixing to disposal
  • Less operator exposure to solvents and reduction in VOCs
  • Spray gun functions at any angle

Package Includes:

  1. Type H/O Mini Cup
  2. #S18 collar
  3. 1 x 6.8oz lid and liner
  4. 1 x air tubing


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