POWER-5 VS / 4550 Turbo Spray

POWER-5 VS / 4550 Turbo Spray

Powerful 2.5 Gallon Mobile Production

Take the outstanding features of Apollo Sprayers HVLP Turbo Spray POWER-5 VS system mounted on Apollo Sprayers 4550 mobile cart fluid feed system and you have 2.5 gallons (10 liters) of POWER + PRECISION + PURE PRODUCTION. Excellent in the shop or on site. Perfect for larger jobs when a Quart (1 liter) or 2 Quarts (2 liters) is just not enough or when greater spray gun mobility is needed to get into tight corners. This system works flawlessly with our 7700 AtomiZer series spray guns.

4550 Cart System Part Numbers
Description Hose Size / Length Spray Gun Cup Type Cup Size Part #
POWER-5 VS + 4550 Cart System 3/8″ / 30′ A7700QT Bottom QT PW5VS-4550QT-110-3/8
POWER-5 VS + 4550 Cart System 3/8″ / 30′ A7700GT-600 Gravity 600cc PW5VS-4550GT6-110-3/8
POWER-5 VS + 4550 Cart System 1/4″ / 30′ A7700QT Bottom QT PW5VS-4550QT-110-1/4
POWER-5 VS + 4550 Cart System 1/4″ / 30′ A7700GT-600 Gravity 600cc PW5VS-4550GT6-110-1/4


Supplied with:

1 x POWER-5 VS HVLP Turbo Spray system
1 x A7700 spray gun (Choice Of: bottom Quart or 600cc gravity cup)
1 x 30’ material hose
1 x 2 Quart pressure pot with regulator and gauge
1 x Oil-less mini air compressor to pressurize the pot
1 x 32′ turbine air hose with quick connectors
1 x mobility cart W/ 10” wheels and removable handle
NOTE: cart will adjust to allow use with a 2 Quart pressure pot


Included Accessories – A $98 Value

Deluxe Spray Gun Case, Wrench (Spanner), Gun Lube, Cleaning Kit, Viscosity Cup & Blow Off Tool.

included accessories

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