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E7700 Non-Bleeder Spray Gun

E7700 Non-Bleeder Spray Gun

The E7700 is a professional all aluminum body, non-bleeder spray gun. Non-Bleeder means that the air is shut off within the spray gun, similar to a compressor gun. When the operator pulls the trigger, this releases the atomizing air and also the fluid at the same time. These spray guns do not have the air “bleeding” from the spray gun all the time, but this means that the turbine being used must have a pressure relief port or the motor will suffer severe damage from the back pressure. All the passageways inside the E7700 are stainless steel, so clean up with water or solvent isn’t going to hurt this spray gun. The E7700 comes supplied with a 600cc cup, but there is also a smaller 250cc cup available for touch up and small projects, and a larger 1000cc cup for those large jobs.

The E7700 comes with a 1.0mm needle and nozzle installed. There are 7 other sizes to choose from, depending on the types of finishes you plan on spraying. The smallest size is a 0.5mm that has been developed especially for spraying clear coats on high end automobiles. The next size up is the 0.8mm, which is great for spraying stains, dyes and auto base coats. The 1.0mm is best suited for clear finishes, both waterborne and solvent. The 1.3mm and 1.5mm sizes are best suited for thinned down latex paint, primers, polyurethanes, catalyzed finishes, auto paints and some varnishes. The 1.8mm and 2.0mm sizes are for spraying latex with little of no thinning and primers. The 2.5mm size is suited for specialized finishes like Zolatone or Multispec and some heavy primers and Gelcoat. In addition to the 8 needle and nozzle sizes, there are also 8 different air caps to match. There are also High Solids air caps for spraying pigmented finishes or those hard to atomize clear finishes. We have a needle, nozzle and air cap combination that will spray any liquid coating.

This spray gun comes with a 2-year warranty, a cleaning brush and wrench.

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