E7200 HVLP Non-Bleeder Spray Gun

E7200 HVLP Non-Bleeder Spray Gun

7200 Series – Versatile, non-bleed, bottom cup

The 7200 comes with an all metal 1 quart cup assembly with stainless pickup tube and aluminum cup. The 7200 spray gun has a fan pattern control located at the top of the spray head. Turning the knob will change the fan pattern from round, to flat. The air cap rotates in the front of the spray gun to adjust the flat pattern from vertical to horizontal. The 7200 spray gun is also compatible with Apollo’s Mini cup assembly.

Spray Gun Comparison Chart

  • Non-Bleed
  • Stainless Steel needle and nozzle
  • Full fan pattern control – vertical, horizontal, round
  • Machined aluminum spray head
  • 1 quart aluminum cup with stainless steel fluid parts
  • 2-year limited written warranty (parts & labor)

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