Mobile Cart and Fluid Feed System

Mobile Cart and Fluid Feed System

Greater Distance, Capacity and Flexibility

Designed to be used with most Apollo turbine paint spray systems including models PRECISION-5 PRO LE, PRECISION-5 PRO, POWER-5 VS, POWER-4 VS, POWER-3 VS and certain older models (Call for more info). The Apollo Mobile Cart and Fluid Feed System is excellent in the shop or on site and is perfect for larger jobs when a quart (0.95L) or 2 quart (1.89L) is just not enough or when greater spray gun mobility is needed to get into a tight corner. Part # A4550

(not included)


  • Oil-less mini air compressor
  • 2.5 gallon (10 litre) pressure pot non-stick coated inside and out
  • Stainless steel fluid parts throughout
  • Large wheels provide easier mobility when going up and down stairs or curbs
  • Available with either a 20′ or 30′ hose

Compatible with these Apollo Turbo Spray Systems:

Precision-5 Pro LE

Precision-5 Pro

Power-5 VS

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