Genuine Apollo Turbine Air Hose

Genuine Apollo Turbine Air Hose

Extend Your Sprayer Range and Finishing Possibilities

Available as replacements for any Apollo turbine system or as an extra hose to run multiple spray guns. Apollo air hose is 5/8″ (16mm) diameter and is available in several pre-cut lengths.

Apollo air hoses come with:

  • Quick connect couplers
  • Added 4 ft. (1.22m) flexible whip end to reduce operator fatigue.

Complete Turbine Air Hoses w/ Whip

Length Part # Length Part #
24′ (7.32m) A1068 34′ (10.36m) A1069
27′ (8.23m) A1068-5 37′ (11.28m) A1069-5
29′ (8.84m) A1068-29 44′ (13.41m) A1070
32′ (9.75m) A1069-32 54′ (16.46m) A1071

Always use Genuine Apollo Accessories which are exclusively designed to help you get optimal performance from your Apollo Turbine system.

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