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8200 Series True HVLP Conversion Gun

8200 Series True HVLP Conversion Gun

The Apollo 8200 Super-Spray® Gun Combines Lightning Speed Of Application With Super Fine Atomization

The Apollo 8200 Super-Spray® gun is a high performance HVLP spray gun that provides superb atomization along with high HVLP efficiency. Combine ultra-fast speed of application with our precise Xpansive™ Fan Conrtol Ring and you have the ultimate HVLP spray gun and the lowest overspray.

The 8200 features an handsome new design with chrome plated spray gun body. Including:

  • Precision fan control through the Xpansive™ Fan Control Ring
  • New technology for atomizing particles MicroTech™ Atomization Technology
  • A major advance in balance and lightweight design
  • Durability and reliability ensured with internal parts expertly engineered from marine-grade stainless steel
  • Enjoy low overspray and a flawless finish
  • 2-Year written warranty
  • Easy to use and clean-up
  • Increase substrate visibility with Tri-Mode™ Gravity Feed

Tri-Mode™ = A unique design allowing you to use one spray gun with 3 different cup configurations: production, gravity, or any bottom cup.

Nozzle/Needle sizes available: 1.0mm (installed), 1.4mm, 2.0mm

Air Caps available: 1.0mm (installed), 1.4mm, 2.0mm

Spray Gun Air Requirements: 7-25psi and 4-6cfm


A8200 Production

The Apollo 8200 Production Gun Features:

  • 1/4″ (6mm) material connector that is ready to use with any production pot or cup accessory
  • Sample bottle of genuine Apollo Spray Gun Lube
  • Wrench (spanner).

Weight: 17.5oz (0.50kg)


The Apollo 8200Q Super-Spray® HVLP Cup Gun Features:

  • 1 quart (1 litre) non-stick coated cup assembly with cup pressure control regulator/gauge, duckbill valve
  • Ensure maximum efficiency, application speed and super fine atomization pressure regulator/gauge, duckbill valve,
  • Sample bottle of genuine Apollo Spray Gun Lube
  • Wrench (spanner).

Weight: 42.4oz (1.28kg)

A8200M Touch-Up

The Apollo 8200M Touch-up Cup Gun Features:

  • 8fl. oz (250cc) mini touch-up cup assembly, duckbill valve, cup pressure regulator/gauge
  • Sample bottle of genuine Apollo Spray Gun Lube
  • Wrench (spanner)
  • Perfect for that small job or changing colors frequently
  • Add additional cups with lids for storing different colors in the cups.

Weight: 29.4oz (0.83kg)

A8200G Gravity

The Apollo 8200 Gravity Cup Gun Features:

  • 13fl. oz (400cc) side mounted stainless steel gravity cup,
  • Wample bottle of genuine Apollo Spray Gun Lube
  • Wrench (spanner)
  • Ultimate gravity feed without the cup getting in your way
  • Tilt the cup back and forth without spilling your material

Weight: 24.8oz (0.70kg)