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Is Your Spray Pattern Heavier on One Side?

A spray pattern, with all the controls on the spray gun wide open, is supposed to be an even, elongated oval shape. If the pattern is heavier on one end, the likely cause is that one or more of the holes in the air cap is plugged up. There is also a chance that the fluid nozzle has been damaged.

To figure out what the problem is, rotate the air cap one-half turn (180 degrees) and spray again. If the disrupted pattern switches sides, the problem is in the air cap. If the pattern stays the same, the problem is the fluid nozzle.

To clean the air cap, soak it in acetone or lacquer thinner for a few minutes to dissolve or soften the obstructing matter, then blow it out with compressed air if you have it. Our spray gun cleaning kit is an excellent choice to make cleaning easy. It contains multiple size brushes and picks to thoroughly reach and clean all spray gun parts including the tiny holes in the air cap.
Avoid using a toothpick because it might break off in the hole and be difficult to remove. You also don’t want to use any metal that might damage the hole.

To determine if the fluid nozzle is damaged remove the air cap from the front of the spray gun.  Put some water in the cup and turn on the turbine.  Make sure the material screw is closed all the way down and pull the trigger.  Once you pull the trigger release it and look at the nozzle.  Look to see if you can see the nozzle weeping water from the tip.  If you can see water weeping from the nozzle or can see the nozzle physically damaged it is time to replace the nozzle.

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