Blog | Apollo Sprayers HVLP - Part 3

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Finishing Tip by Bob Flexner: UV-Cured Finishing

One of the fastest-growing areas of wood finishing is comprised of finishes that cure when exposed to ultra-violet light. The UV light causes these finishes to crosslink and cure almost instantly. This class of finish has a number of advantages over more traditional finishes, including almost total elimination of VOCs, less waste, less floor space […]

The New TURBOPRO 1000 & 2000 Paint Spray Series

Introducing the all new TURBOPRO Series designed for the automotive, marine and aviation markets. Two models, The TURBOPRO 1000 and TURBOPRO 2000 along with the new PBC-GTO Series of spray guns provides features and benefits for these markets never before available. These systems along with all Apollo Sprayer Turbospray systems document 80% or better transfer […]