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Apollo ECO-MINI selected 2nd place Reader’s Choice

Happier Product

Happier Product I’ve always said, it’s not the elephants that’ll kill you, it’s the mosquitoes. The little things that quietly sneak up on your finish, that you don’t realize until it’s too late. We all focus heavily on spraying technique as paramount to achieving high level sprayed finishes. While technique is important, product control begins […]

Painting and Maintaining Farm Equipment

It is important to maintain farm equipment to make sure the equipment works properly for many years but also does not rust or deteriorate. Painting with the proper sprayer is critical to a good finish and long lasting paint on the equipment. Whether for exhibition, restoration, resale or maintenance of existing equipment Apollo Sprayers will […]

Finishing Tip by Bob Flexner: UV-Cured Finishing

One of the fastest-growing areas of wood finishing is comprised of finishes that cure when exposed to ultra-violet light. The UV light causes these finishes to crosslink and cure almost instantly. This class of finish has a number of advantages over more traditional finishes, including almost total elimination of VOCs, less waste, less floor space […]