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Preparation and Application – A Good Finish Requires Both

Using a Viscosity Cup

Finishes vary in viscosity depending on their type and formulation, and especially in temperature differences. The viscosity is thicker when the finish is cold and thinner when the finish is warm. To measure viscosity, dip a viscosity cup into a finish so the cup is full. Then lift the cup out of the finish and […]

Applying Finish with or Across the Grain

It’s common to be instructed to apply a finish in the direction of the grain, called “with the grain.” Doing this is usually best when brushing a finish, but it’s rarely necessary when wiping or spraying a finish. Brushing with the grain is best because the grain will help disguise the brush marks, the ridges […]

Testing Your Finish for Hardness

You can use architect’s pencils to test for finish hardness (scratch resistance). The lead in these pencils is rated from about 6 or 7B, the softest, to 6 or 7H, the hardest. HB is in the middle. You don’t need to buy all these pencils, just the middle five or six, because most finishes will […]

What Is An “Off the Gun” Finish?

“Off-the-gun” finish is a widely used phrase among finishers. It means the finish hasn’t been rubbed out. It’s the simplest kind of sprayed finish—spray it on and leave it as is. We have seen the phrase used to mean a poor finish, but this is not a correct usage. An off-the-gun finish doesn’t have to […]

how to color wood example

How To Color Your Wood

While just about all wood is beautiful, not all the pieces of wood we work with are perfect.  Sometimes they need a bit of color. Normally we pick and choose through various stacks of lumber looking to acquire boards that match reasonably well in grain and color. Sometimes we end up with boards that have […]

How To Spray Oil Finishes

How To Spray Oil Finishes

One of the questions/concerns we get a lot is how to get the sheen of the finish even, especially satin sheens. The biggest issue seems to be that the sheen is streaked. The issue seems to be getting the flattening agents to lay down evenly. Oil finishes normally go on very thin and when wiped […]

hvlp turbo spray system

Understanding Apollo Sprayers HVLP Turbo Spray Finishing Systems

High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Turbo spray systems are a complete self-contained spray finishing system consisting of three (3) components. A blower motor in an enclosure A spray gun An air hose There is no air compressor involved or needed with an Apollo Sprayers HVLP turbo spray finishing system. This is an independent standalone system. […]

wood working

10 Tricks to Work with Wood

Woodworking is one of the most popular fields of home DIY. The working of wood allows us to carry out large personal projects with which to decorate and furnish our homes. When working with wood we can count on certain tricks that facilitate and simplify the process, and today we will see some of them. […]

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How to Prepare Wood for a Finish Part 2

The primary goal of sanding is to produce a surface that doesn’t show machine marks or sanding scratches after you apply a stain or finish. If the scratch pattern can be made even, you may achieve satisfactory results sanding only to #150 grit. Stationary sanding machines are best for doing this, though hand sanding will also work, especially if you aren’t applying a stain.

Basics on Mixing and Diluting furniture Paint

Hang out with Susan “Swooz” Hudson – Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint as she walks you though the basics of mixing and diluting our furniture paint for spraying. Jeff Garrett takes it from there and applies our Galvanized grey to the inside of some bar cabinets with our HVLP – Apollo Sprayers International sprayer and […]