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Are Your Spray Guns Ready to Go?

Do you really need to clean your spray gun every time you use it? Do you need to clean it when you go to lunch? What if you are putting it away for a week? Which coatings mean clean “right away”?

Here are your answers:

Always clean your spray gun! If you are spraying a quick set up coating such as a 2 part urethane or epoxy paint, clean your spray gun right away.  If you are using a pigmented coating and are finished with that color, clean the spray gun right away. If you are going from a water-based coating to a solvent based, or the other way around, clean your spray gun, right away. Other coatings can wait until you are finished for the day. Some finishers keep 2 or more spray guns and dedicate each one to a particular coating, such as water based or solvent, pigmented or clear, 2 part or simple.

Nothing is as frustrating as being shut down for such a simple problem. Here are some great spray gun cleaners.

Remember if you have any questions or concerns reach out to us and we will answer everything.

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