Tub and Ceramic Sprayers for Refinishing, Turbo Spray Systems, Spray Guns | Apollo Sprayers HVLP

Tub and Counter Resurfacing

Apollo Sprayers has been serving the bathtub and counter resurfacing Man spraying new finish on tubindustry worldwide for many years. Turbo Spray portability along with an array of accessories that benefit ceramic refinishers has kept Apollo Sprayers #1 in ceramic restoration. Unique features, customizations and multi-functional spray gun options add to the benefits of Apollo Sprayers HVLP Turbo Spray systems for tub and counter resurfacing applications. If you Bath tub with new sprayed paint finishown a franchise and are interested in a custom or OEM turbine systems to sell to your franchisees, we have the capability to do customize a system to fit your specific needs.   Contact us today to speak with one of our Turbo Spray experts.  We have remote RF switching, longer air hoses and PPS compaitbility.

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