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Fine Art Printing

Fine Art printing is relatively new in the art world, in fact the name was only coined in 1991 by a printer who wanted a name for the new art prints he was creating on large scale inkjet printers using fine art papers and even canvas. Whether the material being printed is scanned from photographic, painted, artwork or computer generated sources, the resulting print needs to be protected from dust, dirt and light. Some Giclée veneers also enhance the color within the print. That is where Apollo Sprayers HVLP Turbo Spray systems come in.

An Apollo Sprayer HVLP Turbo Spray System, or an ApolloSprayers HVLP Spray Gun paired with an air compressor will provide an immaculate atomization of the protective coating with minimal overspray as well as protecting the surrounding area workspace. With precious artwork and expensive stock, it is critical that the HVLP Turbo Spray system you choose be equal in quality to the work you’re protecting.

Fine art preservation experts have come to know, use and recommend Apollo Sprayers. We think you’ll be both impressed and satisfied by their performance.


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