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For the Serious Craftsperson

For the Serious Craftsperson/professional home hobbyist

For many years Apollo Sprayers International, Inc. has been recognized as the HVLP innovator, producer and manufacturer worldwide of TrueHVLP™ spray guns and TrueHVLP™ Mobile Turbo Spray Systems.

  • MADE in the USA
  • Air efficient design and filtration
  • Handsome all metal Euro style compact case
  • Easy carry handle and Handi-Hold™ spray gun docking station
  • Quick disconnect – air hose to spray gun
  • Computer designed Quiet Technology™ Lower dBa levels
  • Power to produce the perfect finish with today’s modern finish formulas

Our premium products have benefitted the industrial and professional finishing market as well as serious craftspeople who could invest in our premium finishing products.

While we continue to successfully expand our premium products and markets, the challenge to Apollo was to produce a range of economical and ecological TrueHVLP™ mobile paint sprayers that would provide the finishing performance of Apollo premium sprayers, yet be affordable to allow a wider segment of the finishing marketplace to explore, enjoy and utilize Apollo HVLP products. We have achieved this with our new ECO Series paint sprayers.

ECO Series SprayersThese units will carry a new Apollo Brand name ASI-HVLP and will be offered with five spray gun options and 4 turbine options.

The ECO Series are available through Apollo premium distributors worldwide along with Apollo Power, Precision and Production Series turbine systems.


Download the ECO Series Catalog

ECO SERIES ASI-HVLP systems are designed for the small workshop finisher who desires high performance in a low priced HVLP Turbo Spray System. Our 50 years of only building the highest quality Turbo spray systems in the world has resulted in the best quality USA made semi-professional HVLP Turbo Spray systems, the ECO-Series.

ECO-MINI: If your primary applications are clear coats, solvent or waterbase, on wood projects, or the coatings you are using are low to medium viscosity, the 5.5 PSI motor inside the ECO-MINI will give you excellent results. Two spray guns are available with the ECO-MINI; E6000 Bleeder and E7200 Non-Bleeder.

ECO-3: If your primary applications are clear coats, solvent or waterbase, on wood projects, or the coatings you are using are low to medium viscosity, the powerful 7.0PSI (1508 watt) motor inside the ECO-3 will give you excellent results.

ECO-4: If you are looking to add the ability to spray pigmented coatings and slightly higher viscosity or harder to atomize coatings the powerful 9.0PSI (1568 watt) motor inside the ECO-4 would be a great choice.

ECO-5: For the ultimate in HVLP Turbo Spray and the ability to easily spray the widest range of coating viscosities, clear or pigmented, solvent or waterbase, easy or hard to atomize, the extremely powerful 9.5PSI (1858 watt) motor inside the ECO-5 will give you outstanding results. The ECO-5 will spray latex (emulsion) paints with the least compromise.

Our technical team can further assist in answering questions regarding any specialized coatings or special applications to guide your product selection. Please call us toll free at 1-888-900-4857 or email us.

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