Apollo Sprayers Is the Best HVLP, Buyer Beware of Copies

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For over 50 years Apollo Sprayers International, Inc. has been recognized as the HVLP innovator, producer and manufacturer worldwide of TrueHVLP™ spray guns and TrueHVLP™ Turbo Spray Systems. Throughout our history Apollo Sprayers has introduced many “HVLP firsts” and proudly accepted multiple awards for our creativity and originality in HVLP technology and spray equipment. In fact, Apollo Sprayers International is the oldest continuous and original company solely manufacturing HVLP technology. We live in a competitive world. When something is successful, be it written, a concept, a design or a product, it is open to being copied unless the concept or design is patentable. It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, however, sometimes imitation can equal irritation.

We pride ourselves on designing our products to be original and innovative. In addition, we have sought to improve the HVLP technology concepts to benefit craftspeople and finishers desiring the best that HVLP technology has to offer. Many of the products and concepts we introduce are the direct result of feedback from industry experts, spray finishers and coatings producers.

As the importance of HVLP technology continues to grow and be discovered by more industrial sectors and professionals, product demand increases. With this demand we began to see more and more copying. We bring this to your attention as a product consumer, to carefully look at product origins, company history and to look for subtle and sometimes not so subtle differences.

A few years back we discovered an HVLP manufacturer had exactly copied the front head and nozzle design from a successful Apollo series spray gun. We knew it would not be too long until an HVLP manufacturer took our most successful award-winning HVLP spray gun concept and design, and attempt to duplicate it and then pass it off as new and innovative. Oh, there are a few minor differences, but it’s not hard to figure out where the shape, concept and even talking points came from.

Our point to all of this is to bring to everyone’s attention that developing new concepts and ideas takes time, thinking, testing, modifying, not to mention cost, before introducing it to you, the consumer.

Apollo Sprayers will continue to serve the HVLP market with top quality products. We can assure you that you are getting the newest original technology, combined with our years of experience and relationships with various industries and our Apollo Community.

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